Light Up The World® Refillable Water Bottles

Light Up The World® provides custom-label light up bottled water for your event or company. We produce and bottle some of the purest water available. Our patented light up bottles are made of durable (BPA FREE) material that does not dent or wrinkle.

Our design team is happy to assist you with your design. Once your custom Light Up The World® bottles are ready for shipping, we package your order, put it on pallets and transport it to your desired destination.


Bulk & Bottled Water for YOUR Event
Light Up The World® Event Services would like the opportunity to be your preferred partner for your special events. We offer various event water delivery options, from our refillable lighted water bottles to water tanks with spigots to allow event visitors to refill your custom branded Light Up The World® bottles.

In addition we can provide water towers with a number of spigots where visitors can tap water into their bottles or cups.



Ready to Light Up Your Next Event?

Let us help you make your next event more memorable and unique than ever imagined.